Fotografia - Ślubna - pełna klimatu i uczuć


There is a reason why I write this … read more and find out what I have to offer you!

I want to offer you not only photos! Something much more!
I bet on climate and feelings, what would the photographs be without these things?
Another photos that have no soul …

I offer you my experience, sense of humor and original photos!
I try to make them natural, not posed and by the way
give them a unique atmosphere.

Being a husband and a father, I know how important it is to capture the moment and want to
they were a souvenir for many years!
Remember family photos and how many memories we have with them – right?
For this, each of my couple receives a specially designed photo book,
because history and memories deserve an original packaging!

Customer zone – and on it you and your guests find a beautifully arranged story of your special day, which can be enjoyed even 14 days from the wedding!

Sense of humor – that’s how you can count on it, I try to be a helpful hand for you this day, I care about it by stress / trouble / did not disturb that day
– he must be perfect!
And as I am, I am talking about this, you will not be able to think about worries, but what I am and what I like to do you can read in the bookmark – About me.


What can you find in my offer?

– Wedding Photos
– Family photo
– Sessions for two
– Thematic photos

Where is he photographing?

He works all over Poland – in a word where you and I 😛 are
Seriously, I want to be with you regardless of where you live!
Additional details about possible travel are able to get along by phone, email

Do we have to pose?

I do not like photos posed … they are OK because they are a great souvenir,
but in my pictures this is not the point … I bet on naturalness, on unforced facial expressions, and I mainly focus on feelings and your love! Are you a type of romantics? – no problem, we make remarkable intimate work, but you are a joke and have crazy ideas? – we will also give advice – Naturalness in photography is something that I am looking for!

How much will we get photos?

The question about the number of photos taken is probably the most frequently asked question
As far as this issue is concerned, minimum of 350 processed photos, the rest depends on
You and your involvement during the wedding party – I try to express my content
the material for this never happens to give away the amount of pictures, usually it is up to more.

Where can we do outdoor?

The question of open air is always for you is a dilemma or open air the same day or another,
I will tell you that I approach the subject very individually and try to make these photos full of feelings and have a unique atmosphere.
Open air the same day is a good option – I do not take more than 30 minutes and you look like this
Same as on the day of the wedding, for this you can take a moment to recover from the wedding fever and catch
a moment of respite.

Open-air the other day is also a great idea! – usually it takes up to 21 days from your wedding, then you are still living a wedding and you do not miss the desire to take pictures But I bet that this outdoor was unique and took place in an unspoilt place – mountains, wawel, castle, greenhouse, sea or something else – then we do something different and engage all possible forces to make a unique open air … How long does it last? I usually take photos up to 2 hours – this is enough for us to do something extraordinary.

When to book a date?

I go out of the assumption that first come, first served,
but it also happens that the date is available one month before your marriage.
I do not accept reservations more than 2 years in advance, because
I am not able to give a specific price – which is dependent on costs
print albums, licenses or costs of running the company itself.

What is foto – book / photo – album / Dream – Book?

The topic of albums is what I like the most …
The form of closing photos that stays with us for years,
but in turn You are wondering what is the difference between these albums?

Photograph – a book – is nothing but a book-like format of photos. The photos are printed
on photographic paper – matte, their format is 20 × 30 cm and thanks to its size
it’s great to watch them

Photo – album – an elegant form of photo print, very thick cards coated with a special material guarantee that the pictures will behave in an uncharted condition for a long time, to this format 30 × 30 thanks to the album is very substantial and accommodates a lot more pictures compared to photo book.

Dream – book – is nothing more than a photo – a book, but with a few exceptions – which ones?
This is a printout for really demanding customers, great color reproduction on original paper. The 30 × 30 format, as in the case of a photo album, is able to accommodate a large number of photos. Pages that open flat – you can not see the connections – they make the photo look amazing!

Do you want to see them with your own eyes?
Let’s make an appointment!


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